Thursday, 6 December 2007


pARdon me, this has been a rough week.
I am finally going to exhibit new paintings, looks like February.
Something new – I have started oil painting, which for years has eluded me. I’m very excited about this new series, all different sizes, some of the themes include:
تلّ tells
Sea monsters
Brooklyn architecture
Buffalo, NC (the lost underwater town of)
Melting ice caps
The fall of civilization
The subsequent rise of fish and other aquatic life
Collectable architectural portraits

The show might be in Brooklyn

More on this as it develops

Monday, 3 December 2007

sfacchinata, dřina, raadanta, 骨折り仕事, harówka, изнурительная работа

i am experiencing all of the drudgery of new york city life and none of the perks.
fuck this shit.
fuck you, new york.
i'm outta here as soon as i can, i'm tired of the endless drain, i'm bandaging my wrists up and pulling out the IV. New York City, you may not have any more of my blood and guts and resources, you don't deserve it, you fucker.
you make me angry enough to sware on my blog everyday!
what kind of life is this?