Thursday, 31 January 2008


i have contributed 3 new oil paintings to the "Found in Brooklyn" art exhibit at
Freddy's Bar and Backroom
485 Dean St. (@6th ave)
Brooklyn, NY

The opening is this saturday, 7-9pm
Here's a link to the host, Found In Brooklyn blog!

It's just southeast of the Atlantic Ave Station, just off Flatbush Ave...
I'm pretty excited. I have a number of projects on the horizon, including some marketing of new dominant fiction goods handmade by yours truly.
been working on the website here and there, adding new drawings and paintings..
and most importantly, i've been making a lot of new work. by this time next year, i should have a whole new world of work which has been stewing for the past two years.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Thank to Ms. Brain, Messenger's sexiest correspondant, for the following heads-up~
"According to a report by the scientific committee of the International Whaling Commission, one of the world's leading bodies of whale biologists, the evidence linking sonar to a series of whale strandings in recent years is "very convincing and appears overwhelming." Despite the broad scientific consensus that military active sonar kills whales, the use of this deadly sonar in the world's oceans is spreading.
An NRDC-led coalition of wildlife advocates succeeded in restricting the U.S. Navy's use of a powerful active sonar system known as SURTASS LFA in 2003. But the fight is hardly over; other nations are developing LFA-type systems of their own, and sonar testing using mid-frequency sonar systems, which have been implicated in numerous strandings of whales worldwide, continues unabated, putting marine mammals and fisheries at risk. And the Bush administration is now appealing the legal victory that compelled the Navy into compromise."

read more :

that's sad. do we really need LFA in 75% of the world's oceans? what kind of dumbass thinks "that's a great idear."i mean, i'd rather be undermined by international terrorists in submarines than kill a bunch of whales and be nationally - and my country's - "security" is simply not worth the death of thousands of whales, and anyone who doesn't sign this declaration with me, i will kill you, so you die anyway. in fact, the deploration of whale-killing LFA's might be grounds for going to war in the first place.United States, you'd better pray to your shallow, withering gawd that i never become a nation capable of attacking your navy. I'll fund the Farley Mowat on your ass, bitchez. give a call-up-a Cap'n Nemo, right? *click* shiiieeeeeet.


I was just reading through some of my old posts... man, i really don't know who that guy is.
what a rut i must have been in.
2007 was a muthafuckin roller coaster, my bitches, a real earth-shaker.
i emerge in 2008 feeling wonderful.

i'm in a group art show entitled "Found in Brooklyn"
The reception will be Feb 2nd, 7-9pm
at Freddy's Bar and Backroom
785 Dean St. at 6th Ave

I am contributing three new oil paintings. They are a little series of building portraits, complete with a few suprises you might expect from me thrown in for good measure.

I am currently updating my website, and i should have the paintings up there to preview soon.
Also, stay tuned for new drawings - i have a ton of new stuff and i haven't updated the website in over a year, so lots to look at... soon.

I'm going on tour with my band, Ghastly City Sleep, in March. the tour will cover the east coast and include Chicago, Louisville, and Detroit. This will be the longest i've ever been on tour, and i'm really looking forward to it. Subsequently, i will have to forfeit my job in order to go.
I've never felt better...

Speaking of, i realize that all the bullshit i was sifting through at the end of last year was because of this stupid job. I feel completely uplifted at the prospect of the coming tour and the going job in the bowels of the high seat of NYC fashion. Good riddance!

This year, my resolution (yes, i have one...) is to get an ass-load of work done and have a portfolio i'm truly proud of by the time i apply for grad school for '09. New work, my best stuff, real stuff!!!

more soon.