Thursday, 11 December 2008


I have begun to post the latest drawings from my current collection "Beauty Book".
My aim is to finish a book filled with my most meticulously detailed work to date.
I started this book while I was on tour with Ghastly City Sleep... we were out for 32 days, and travelled all around the continental United States.
One of the things that struck me most was the vegetation in California! We visited the beaches in Los Angeles & San Luis Obispo, and I couldn't believe the diversity of the costal plant life, what a change from the East Coast.
I started sketching bits and pieces of plants here and there, and spent a lot of time drawing details while sitting at bars in music venues before performing.
The result is this collection, which is still ongoing.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Limited Edition Print


I am back from touring the United States with Ghastly City Sleep. I had an amazing trip and will be posting about that soon.
First I wanted to tell you about a new print I have available on my etsy store just in time for the holidays.
I just finished a brand new Linoleum Block Cut of an Octopus with leafy tentacles. Each print is treated with a hand-painted watercolor wash in either flesh tint or Ocre Yellow before printing. The Octupus is printed in a dark red-brown.

I am limiting these to 50 copies, and each one is signed and numbered by yours truly.

These prints can be purchased from my etsy store

happy holidays & check back soon for tour pictures!