Thursday, 21 August 2008

L.A. Comission

Another update on the L.A. Comission. The piece is almost complete.
Here are some images:

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I have been working on a big commission for Iolo in Los Angeles for the past two months.
The work will be a total of ten feet by five feet, covering two canvases, mounted on a sixteen-foot wide wall.

I'm really excited about how this has evolved - i started with a grid and began to lay out my "shifting panels" layers, developing a degree of transparency and evoking movement.

now, out of a seam in the diagonal axis of the composition, comes a flood of life at different scales, mingling with old eroded architectural elements and buildings.
When this is complete it should read in a number of ways, one of which could be that this giant mass of organic life and buildings is actually one large living organism itself, camouflaged by matching colors to a very rigid orthogonal grid...

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


from the washington post:
Another great idea from Bush

How long are the idiots of the world going to twist the word of the late great Jesus Christ (I am not Christian, but have always admired his story) and insist on moronic ideas such as an embryo's right to life in order to increase the human population on this planet? God! I wish the world would just stop having fucking babies and stop buying cars for just ONE YEAR!!

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

UPDATE: Art Theft & Other Info

Back in February I blogged rather humorously about Art Theft, and marvelled at how evocative the concept was - the fact that the value of art is not exactly objective, like, say drugs, weapons or diamonds.
While doing my morning reading which includes PlasticBlog, I stumbled upon the Memphis Police blog, which is a juicy peek into the comically dramatic world of cops.
I wanted to know if the NYPD had sucha blog, and I found The Squad Room. The first article was about Art Theft! The FBI has an Art Crime Team!And although i couldn't access the database, the FBI has a National Stolen Art File.
From the Squad Room :"Italy is the only country whose government takes art crime as seriously as it should."
Apparently they have 300 agents, vs. our 13.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Deep Bue Whales

From NYT -
Scientists believe that the mating call of the Blue Whale, the world's largest animal, has begun to decrease in pitch, up to %30. The whales are thought to have departed from their higher frequency routine after populations have recovered since whaling was banned. The higher frequencies were necessary to find mates when mates were sparse.
Females choose their mates according to size, and the larger the whale, the deeper the mating call. Now males are free to dig in deep, instead of calling out loud.