Saturday, 2 June 2012

Art Cards

A few years ago I created a series of Art Cards, small 2" x 3.5" collectible original artworks. Series 1 was comprised of about 150 cards, ALL HAND MADE, divided into sets of about 10 cards each.Squid set 1-10

Jellyfish set 1-10

Each card was signed & dated and labeled on the back with title, a "value" designation in terms of "stars", and the series number.

Maya Glyph set 1-9 + Bonus Jaguar

I sold a bunch of my cards while on tour with Ghastly City Sleep in the past two years.
It was an opportunity for me to create an accesible large body of work that retains its intimacy and detail. They were also easy to take on the road due to their size.

Minnows set 1-10

I am really intereseted in the idea of collectibles, multiples, and autonomous parts that combine to make a whole.

Paloma Crousillat

Paloma Crousillat was born in Lima and graduated from SVA. I am particularly fond of her drawings ---- her line-work and architecture in crisis series, and her "telescopes."

Audrey Kawasaki

 Audrey Kawasaki

Laura Sue Phillips

Laura Sue Phillips graduated from Hunter, and her work is in watercolor.

Sylvia Ji

Sylvia Ji

Shahzia Sikander

Shahzia Sikander

Rusudan Petviashvili

Thanks to Jessie for introducing me to Rusudan Petviashvili

Julie Heffernan

Julie Heffernan graduated from Yale.

Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa

Crash facilitates a breakfast fit for Gypsy Kings - scrambled huevos, biscuits with agave and butter, coffee, and photos of her bay areas aquatic antics with whales and great white sharks. you rock, Crash.

We drive back up the Cali Coast to Santa Rosa, home of some of our favorite dudes in the states… The boys formerly of Litany for the Whale and their entourage. Santa Rosa is also home to one of our favorite venues to play - the Arlene Francis Theater, a large brick facility that has a huge performance room and many gallery rooms with local art, a bar, and proximity to a mighty fine coffee shop, the Flying Goat.

We pull up an dement Jeff, the assist for Litany who is now in a couple other projects such as Odd Bird. Jeff is our homie. He looks like the beautiful young son of Trent Reznor.
Being the sweet dark angel he is, he and his fiancee Rochelle agree to let us crash with them tonight.

The show was a benefit for the space, the line up was really great! and in a back room, long table with name placards. During the show the table filled with artists making sketches and drawings on the fly to display and sell at the theater that night. It turned out to be a regular event put on by a local artist / group.

I milled around, got some drinks, chatted with friends, and noticed Nick sitting at the strict table drawing. "How'd you get that seat?" "someone was a no-show, I made a new tag with my name!" He was finishing up a nice sketch. He hung it on the display wall and I sat with him and started a sketch of my own.

The show went great, we played one of the best sets of tour, Evan really pounded out the end of "Billowing" which has been our tour closer. I had a great time. Oh, and somehow everyone at the Arlene Francis Theater that night was beautiful. something in the Santa Rosa water, evan & I joked… thank you, beautiful people, for a lovely show & a fun evening!

I finished my drawing, and hung it on the board… I heard my name called as I was packing up - someone was interested in buying it!

We get back to Jeff's and theres a little party going on. They'd bought 3 cases of beer, went grocery shopping for us, and gave us gift cards for safeway! In the metaphorical arms of our california angels, we reveled till late and went to sleep for about 3 hours tops, a long drive to Los Angeles waiting for us tomorrow morning…