Saturday, 2 June 2012

Art Cards

A few years ago I created a series of Art Cards, small 2" x 3.5" collectible original artworks. Series 1 was comprised of about 150 cards, ALL HAND MADE, divided into sets of about 10 cards each.Squid set 1-10

Jellyfish set 1-10

Each card was signed & dated and labeled on the back with title, a "value" designation in terms of "stars", and the series number.

Maya Glyph set 1-9 + Bonus Jaguar

I sold a bunch of my cards while on tour with Ghastly City Sleep in the past two years.
It was an opportunity for me to create an accesible large body of work that retains its intimacy and detail. They were also easy to take on the road due to their size.

Minnows set 1-10

I am really intereseted in the idea of collectibles, multiples, and autonomous parts that combine to make a whole.

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