Friday, 16 April 2010

Friend neglects to read friend's blog, fiance guilty too.

Recently, a friend, neglecting to read friend's blog, sent an email to said friend about a piece of news which was previously blogged about in said friend's blog. Talk about sailing right into a storm! Said friend preceded to call the friend out on this redendant and embarassing mishap, only to expose said friend's fiance's simultaneous neglect of said friend's recent blog-abouts = double-whammy.
The moral of this story? When you have a frind who authors a blog (and it's a good blog) and you know about 40% of said friend's news sources written about on said blog, do everyone a favor and visit that blog prior to informing said friend of interesting articles you find on said news sources.
Next time you want to share said articles, consider posting a link to said friend's blog on facebook instead.

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